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Inbis Live Tools provide innovative tooling systems to improve productivity and efficiency. High precision products with affordable pricing have satisfied both the commercial and technical needs of our customers.

Reduce your costs, improve your efficiency, productivity and part quality.


The drilling and milling spindles are designed to provide long reliable service while holding the accuracy users expect. Direct replacement of OEM tools, easy to install - no modification or retrofitting to the gang block. Gear driven directly by the live tool motor for maximum torque and speed.

JSL20RB/JSL20RBY STR161000 JSR150100 JSR260100 Cross drilling/milling JSR301000 Slotting unit JSR442100 JSR446200 JSR446300-1 JSR496300-2 JSR546300-1 JSR596300-1 JSL20RB/JSL20RBY JSR761000 JSR731100 JSR861100 JSL26AB/JSL32AB/JSL42AB JSL301000 JSL523000 JSL806000 STR711000 STR731000 STR811000-10J STR811000-20R​