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Inbis Live Tools provide innovative tooling systems to improve productivity and efficiency. High precision products with affordable pricing have satisfied both the commercial and technical needs of our customers.

Reduce your costs, improve your efficiency, productivity and part quality.


The drilling and milling spindles are designed to provide long reliable service while holding the accuracy users expect. Direct replacement of OEM tools, easy to install - no modification or retrofitting to the gang block. Gear driven directly by the live tool motor for maximum torque and speed.

A20VII TOOLING FOR GANG TOOL POST ​CTA162000 2 tool deep hole drill holder CTA511000 1 spindle drilling/milling unit CTA541200 2 spindle drilling/milling unit CTA541300 3 spindle drilling/milling unit CTB801000 Gear hobbing unit CTB812000 2 spindle cross drilling/milling unit CTB882000 2 spindle cross drilling/milling unit CTC161100 Cross drilling/milling unit CTC441200 2 spindle drilling/milling unit CTM1601101100 Turning bite holder CTM1602101100 Turning bite holder CTM1603192100 1 tool boring bar holder CTM1603192100-1 1 tool boring bar holder CTM1603192200 2 tool boring bar hold CTM1605111100-1 Cross drilling/milling unit CTM1603112100 1 spindle drilling/milling unit CTM1604112100 1 spindle drilling/milling unit CTM1605111100 Cross drilling/milling unit CTM1606122100 Slotting unit B12 TOOLING FOR GANG TOOL POST C16/M12/M16 TOOLING FOR GANG TOOL POST M16 TOOLING FOR TURRET TOOL POST L16/L20 TOOLING FOR GANG TOOL POST CTL101190 / CTL101191 1 tool sleeve holder CTL103001 3 tool sleeve holder CTL2012100 Tuming tool holder CTL111000 Cross drilling/milling unit CTL161000 Cross drilling/milling unit CTL161100 Cross drilling/milling unit CTL411000 1 spindle drilling/milling unit CTL461000 CTL441300 CTL491300 CTL511000 CTL513000-1 L20E/L20X TOOLING FOR GANG TOOL POST CTL140200-1 CTL140300-3 CTL111000 CTL861000 CTL161000 CTL161100 CTL541200 CTL541300-2 L20E/L20X TOOLING FOR BACK TOOL POST CTL711000 CTL731000 CTL761100E L20/L32 AIR TOOL HOLDER CTL401000 CTL601000 CTL4014500 CTL4101200 CTM3204161100-1 CTM3204162100 Axial for front working CTA900000 PART CATCHER CTL900000 CTC900000 CTE900000


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product videos