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Tilt Direction on the TTNC-102-2 can be reversed, depending on the application

Like all our tilting tables, the Tsudakoma TTNC 102-2 table has a range and direction it can safely tilt to. Each model requires varying degrees of work by the Production Department to change either of those specifications. The table tilts towards the tilt axis motor cover, just like all the TWA models, not away as it did on the older TTNC-102 single spindle model.  The tilt direction of the TTNC 102-2 is not obvious, by looking at our brochure. The technical drawing below explains the direction of tilt in detail. Although this tilt direction can be changed to the “reverse” direction involving a couple hours of work, I would never recommend it being done in the field. In addition, a special parameter sheet has to be generated for the customer to allow them to use this “reverse” direction.


This table has gained popularity recently and we have found that at least one third of the applications have required us to change this tilting direction. Our sales managers strive to learn the customers’ application and make sure that the information gets to our office when the order gets quoted/placed. Retrofitting on the field is NOT recommended.


One last bit of info on this model is that our brochure states that the standard gear ratio for the rotary axis is 1:90, however it is actually a faster 1:72!

technical drawing ttnc-102-2
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